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All our units have the proper part number and code, 
threaded and hose fitting, ​modern fuel,
oil and fiber reinforced 
vacuum diaphragm.

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We rebuild and refurbish and re-manufacture proper ignition parts to replace incorrect or none existing parts calculated to modern pollution standards for antique and older British collector cars which otherwise would be removed from road used in the United States and other country's.
We are now again purchasing used and new old stock Lucas ignition parts
to continue re-manufacturing fresh Lucas ignition parts with original and re-manufactured parts This process guarantees good honest rebuilt quality using original ignition parts by taxing our rather large hoard of original LUCAS ignition parts purchased from A.B. Fletcher in Birmingham U. K. among other now defunct wholesale houses. We are now offering to add to our stock by offering to purchase any and all new and used Lucas stocks.

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“British Vacuum Unit” provides rebuilt / re-manufactured Lucas® Distributors and Distributor Vacuum Units.

Replacement DM2P4 /22D and 25D point plates and Superior Blue condensers.

British Vacuum Unit is the only manufacturer in the world to re-manufacture and furbish long detailed Original Lucas® Distributor,

Vacuum Advance, Vacuum Retard and Duel Units.

British Vacuum Unit is not affiliated with ZF Friedrichshafen AG, the owner the US trademark for Lucas®.”

1971-76 TR6 22D6 distributor

special vacuum advance units


Triumph Spitfire and GT6

Delco 204 distributor special advance units.

We can machine ported vacuum to your

Zenith carburetor!!!

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