1971-76 TR6 22D6 distributor

special vacuum advance units


Triumph Spitfire and GT6

Delco 204 distributor special advance units.

We can machine ported vacuum to your

Zenith carburetor!!!

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E-mail: britishvacuumunit@isp.com

Early Lucas Hex Chamber vacuum advance unit with brass or aluminum threaded vacuum cap. Vacuum caps are stamped with part number and code.

Early versions, stamped with code or part number only.

Assembled with original early castings.​

Pin or spring conector link. 

Lucas distributor rebuilding.

British Vacuum Unit is the only manufacturer in the world to produce long over due detailed Original Lucas Distributor Vacuum Advance Units, early hex, cup chamber and vacuum advance, retard and duel units.

We provide personal service and exceptional quality.  All of our services and products are guaranteed.  

We look forward to serving you!
​100% Money Back Guarantee

British Vacuum Unit

Briar Bush Rd. 

Canterbury, NH 03224


E-mail: britishvacuumunit@isp.com

We manufacture vacuum units from 

1940's to 1980s.

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All our units have the proper part number and code, 
threaded and hose fitting, ​modern fuel,
oil and fiber reinforced 
vacuum diaphragm.