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Superior Blue

54413006   MGTD MGTF and other Lucas DK and D2A distributors
423871   Most all other Lucas 4 and 6 cylinder DM6, DMBZ6, 22D 23D 25D Lucas distributors
New British Vacuum Unit Superior Blue condensers for Lucas distributors.
Engineered specifically to replace the original designed Lucas 54413006 & 423871 condensers.
High quality condensers manufactured specifically for British Vacuum Unit Lucas distributor rebuilding.
Superior Blue high grade ignition capacitors enhance high frequency oscillation, good strong spark within 2 MS from all coils, at the same time protecting the points from burning and over heating.

You'll only need one!
BVU Superior Blue improved manufacturing techniques include,
1- Extended coil support under epoxy sealing cap.
2- 4 plus meters insulated high grade capacitor film and foil, oil
impregnated for improved heat transfer and cooling.
3- High current pressure contact spring and support plates.
4- All wires and leads soldered, not pinched!
5- Original correct terminal ends on 423871 and 54413006.

Most all other condensers lack all the above quality control leading to the unreliable reputation they so much deserve.

$8.95 ea or any 2 for $14

Wholesale customers
Bags of 10, 25 and 50 available.
Contact us for quantity discount.

British Vacuum Unit Superior Blue 54413006 and 423871 specifications
Blue wire BVU product identification.
Test Voltage, 1000 VDC
Capacitance, 0.22 UF +/- 10%
Loss factor, 0.01 maximum at 1 Khz
Insulation resistance, 25000 Mega ohm minimum at 500 VDC, 1 Min
Dielectric used, Capacitor high grade polyester film
Electrode used, Capacitor high grade foil
Coil construction, Extended Foil ( non-inductive) with coil support.
Impregnation Used, Mineral Oil
Internal contact, High current capacity pressure contacts, spring & support washer
Outer casing Steel can, Zinc Plated original screw mount.
Sealing, Epoxy topping
Cable and terminal, Tinned copper wires, PVC insulated
Electrolytic copper strip terminal, 423871 correct Lucas flag terminal. 54413006 correct size terminal stud flag used on DK & D2A distributors.

For the last 20 plus years the Lucas distributor condenser problem has been
that most have no compression spring, washer or high pressure contacts supporting the foil pack.
Poor quality grade foil and film.
Soft rubber or PVC cap allows decompressed foil pack and loss of contact.
No coil support. Coil can move and short out!
Crimp contact connections and wire ends
Poor quality condensers can delay discharge up to 10 MS resulting in retarded spark up to 20 degrees at the crank
at high RPMs.
Universal terminal ends. Often need custom fitting.

British Vacuum Unit

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We manufacture

Original equipment quality vacuum advance, retard and duel Lucas distributor vacuum units.

DM2P4, 22D and 25D point plates.

Superior Blue condensers

Rebuild and re-curve Lucas DVX, DM6, DMBZ6, DK, D2A, DM2P4, 22D and 25D distributors.

Stock vacuum units from early DVX to 36DM12 Lucas distributors.

 ​DM6, DMBZ6, 22D, 23D &25D


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MGT Type and

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