MGTC MGTD & MGTF DK & D2A Point plates   $39.95

MGTC & MGTD larger DK. More support in the body!

Later MGTD & MGTF slightly smaller D2A point plate.

Both types reconditioned, re-plated, supplied with hardware, all early DK plates machined for the replaceable later 54413006 condenser.

Both plates supplied with a new Superior Blue condenser and 2 OE BA point plate to body screws.   

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British Vacuum Unit, which is not affiliated with ZF Friedrichshafen AG, the owner  the US trademark for Lucas®.

Lucas distributor point plate, Lucas distributor contact breaker plate

Jaguar 22D6 point plate, Jaguar contact breaker plate
MGA DM4 DM2P4 25D4 point plate, MGA contact breaker plate
MGB 25D 25D4 point plate, MGB contact breaker plate
MG Midget Spriget Sprite DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate,
contact breaker plateMG point plate, MG contact breaker plate
Spriget point plate, Spriget contact breaker plate
​Sprite point plate, Sprite contact breaker plate
Bug Eye point plate, Bug Eye contact breaker plate
Austin Healey  25D 25D6 point plate, contact breaker plate
Austin Healey BT7 BJ8 point plate, Austin Healey BT7 BJ8 contact breaker plate 

​Triumph DM4 DM2P4 25D4 22D6 22D 25D  point plate, contact breaker plate
TR3 TR4 TR4 TR6 point plate contact breaker plateTR3 point plate, 
TR3 contact breaker plateTR4 point plate, TR4 contact breaker plateTR5 point plate,
TR5 contact breaker plateTR6 point plate, TR^ contact breaker plate
Morgan  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
Rover  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
Austin  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
Morris  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
Austin Martin  25D6 point plate, contact breaker plate 
Lotus  25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
Sunbeam DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
​Humber 25D6  point plate, contact breaker plate
Riley  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 
Wolseley  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4 25D6 point plate, contact breaker plate 
​Lucas  DM4 DM2P4 25D 25D4  point plate, contact breaker plate 

MGTC point plate

MGTD point plate

MGTF point plate

New old stock Lucas, replacement and reconditioned DVX  DMBZ  DM6  22D6  DM2P4 25D4 & 25D6 point plates, contact breaker plates

British Vacuum Unit
Canterbury, NH 03224

New improved DM2P4, 22D & 25D LU-422318 LU-421078 & LU-54412154 ​Lucas distributor point plate assembly ignition kits.
Later DM2P4 & 25D4     4 cylinder kit  
LU-422318-PCTR-4   $39.95
22D6 & 25D6         6 cylinder kit  
LU-422318-PCTR-6   $39.95
​Point plate assemblies included with rebuilt distributors. 

Our new plates are the solution to rust, corrosion, bad threads, broken grounds and floppy plates!

Our new contact breaker “point plates” are also a direct replacement for the 
Later DM2 / DM2P4 421078 "LU-421078" spring link point plate supplied with the newer type 54413549 terminal lead.

1- Our slotted lower plate allows proper clearance under the longer OE point screw  preventing plate jam & locked vacuum advance. 

2- Zinc plated to resist & prevent rust and corrosion.

3- A new snug but free to rotate 1 inch center bearing with upper thrust for stability.

4- Soldered soft braided copper ground lead & flag terminal for positive upper plate ground resistance.

  ​5- Supplied with points, Superior Blue condenser, terminal lead, red rotor and SS mounting hardware. 

Note: Most other point plates on the market without the slotted lower plate require a shorter point screw making point replacement difficult. Often the shorter point screw and washer can easily drop down inside the distributor body requiring distributor removal and dissembling or risk advance weights jamming!

Early DM2P4 pin link. Plate alone or complete.   or change to our new later type plate assembly with the easy to find common 423153 1 screw type points! Spring link vacuum unit required. This conversion can be done having us rebuild your DM2P4  distributor. Total cost $199.95  Future tune up parts cost much less and easy to find!

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late TD & TF D2A                    Larger TC & early TD DK 

Lucas Distributor Point Plates

DMBZ & DM6 plate alone or complete.     Supplied with all re-built DMBZ & DM6 distributors Complete DMBZ or DM6 distributor rebuild cost $225

DVX,  early pin link DM2P4, DMBZ & DM6   Reconditioned point plates  Email for cost. Include distributor number or type of plate.